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Your Ultimate Guide to Activities and Heating Services in Voorhees Township, NJ, and Surrounding Areas

Heating Services and Beyond in Voorhees Township, NJ
When resident in Voorhees Township, NJ, seek heating services, they turn to CBM Heating & Air, LLC. Yet, as much as we love keeping you warm during the chilly months, we also enjoy the thrilling happenings around the region. It’s time to explore the fun beyond our top-notch heating service.

One major attraction in the area is the Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge. This center is home to over 4,000 animals in need, where they receive care and rehabilitation. Considering a day trip while your heater installation is underway? This will be perfect for you.

Expanding Your Horizons in Medford, NJ

Next on our list is Medford, NJ. Here, you can get furnace service from us at CBM Heating & Air, LLC while also checking out the historic Kirby’s Mill. This preserved grist mill takes you back to Medford’s early days offering fascinating insights into the township’s history.

In the mood for some outdoor adventure? Medford’s Freedom Park is for you. It’s equipped with a dog park, sports facilities, and scenic trails making it an ideal spot for family fun. After a day spent in the great outdoors, it’s great to return home to a warm house, thanks to our efficient furnace repair services.

Fun and Furnaces in Berlin, NJ

Berlin, NJ is yet another place where we provide our reliable furnace replacement services. But did you know it’s also home to Sahara Sam’s Oasis? This indoor and outdoor water park provides year-round fun with its wave pool, surfing simulator, numerous slides, and much more. When you’re done splashing around, you can come home to a rejuvenated heating system.

A Mix of Modern and Vintage in Mount Laurel, NJ

In Mount Laurel, NJ, CBM Heating & Air, LLC specializes in heating repair, while residents enjoy attractions like the Funplex and Laurel Acres Park.

Funplex is an amusement park offering both indoor and outdoor attractions and is perfect for an afternoon of family fun. Alternatively, culture enthusiasts might prefer touring the Paulsdale house, a national historic landmark. Whichever you choose, we guarantee you a comfortably heated home with our trusted heating repair services.

Eat, Play, and Stay Warm in Haddonfield, NJ and Cherry Hill, NJ

As we extend our services to Haddonfield, NJ, and Cherry Hill, NJ, residents can find entertainment at the plays of Haddonfield Plays and Players or shop at Cherry Hill Mall.

In the end, no matter where you are situated in the area, CBM Heating & Air, LLC is ready to take care of your heating needs while you explore all the fun and fascinating sites this region has to offer.