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Top Tips for Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance with R.H. Witt

At R.H. Witt, we have the experience and commitment to ensure your Air Conditioning system runs at peak performance. In Glencoe, IL, and Glenview, we’re renowned for our professional air conditioning repair services. Nevertheless, here are some tips and tricks to help you take care of your AC unit confidently.

Regular Inspection and Immediate Repair

Regular AC inspection can lead to immediate repair of minor issues, saving you from a big repair bill in the future. Don’t wait for problems to worsen. If you notice unusual noises, water leaks, or insufficient cooling, contact R.H. Witt promptly for your AC repair in Glencoe, IL, or Glenview.

Clean and Replace Filters Regularly

One of the simplest, yet most crucial, AC maintenance tips is to clean or replace your filters regularly. A dirty filter restricts air flow, reducing the unit’s efficiency and causing it to fail prematurely. Replacing your AC’s filter every 30-60 days can significantly extend your unit’s lifespan.

Keep the AC Unit and Surrounding Area Clean

A clean AC unit performs better and lasts longer. Make sure to keep the outdoor unit free from debris. Simple actions like trimming plants grown close to the AC and cleaning the outdoor unit can make a massive difference to its efficiency.

Invest in Regular Professional AC Maintenance

Professional maintenance is a great way to ensure your AC runs optimally all year round. We recommend hiring a professional like R.H. Witt at least once a year for thorough cleaning, inspection, and potential repair. Our experts are always ready to provide the best AC repair in Glenview and Glencoe, IL.