We Put Your HVAC on the Map

Embracing the Traditional Excellence of Hart’s Roofing & Construction

The world of construction is filled with countless options, but few can boast the legacy, values, and outstanding craftsmanship of Hart’s Roofing & Construction. Seated in the heart of Middletown, this family-run business carries a distinctive charm that only years of experience and commitment can bring.

A Family Legacy in Construction

Operating for generations, Hart’s Roofing & Construction has become an intrinsic part of the Middletown community. We don’t just build buildings, we create homes, and establish local businesses that help our town thrive.

Serving With Excellence

Our family ethos is not simply about heritage, it’s about dedication to excellence. Every roofing, renovation, or construction project we undertake is treated with the utmost professionalism. Embracing both tradition and innovation, we ensure our work stands the test of time.

Endowed with a rich history and a clientele that speaks volumes about our service, Hart’s is more than just a construction company—it’s a statement of quality. Let us make your vision a reality, with the comfort of knowing that you’re in the most capable hands Middletown has to offer.