We Put Your HVAC on the Map

“Chilly Tales: The Advanced Heating Chronicles”

If you’re in Morgantown, WV, or Oakland, MD, and need to break away from shivering under blankets, throw us a call! Advanced Heating is surely the ‘hottest’ in town when it comes to heating repairs, furnace replacements, and the like!

Heaters, our cold-busting kryptonite!

Got persistent goosebumps, a complaining spouse, or unbearable cold? Fear not, Advanced Heating is on the case. Our heater installation service has Morgantown, Cheat Lake, and Fairmont residents plain forgetting what it’s like to be cold. Our reputation? Breakers of Chills!

Furnaces crying out for sympathy?

Does your furnace wheeze and groan like a grumpy old man? With Advanced Heating, your furnace repair or replacement is a piece of cake – or should we say, warm pie? Star City, Kingwood, are you listening? It’s time to silence your rebellious furnaces once and for all!

Indeed, our furnace service is hotter than the latest summer hit. Leave the cold to the snowmen and join Advanced Heating’s warm and comfortable bandwagon of toasty satisfaction.