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Steel Grilles and Registers
Model(s) or SeriesDescriptionDrawing No.Drawing Date
GSL/GSS(-D)Supply, Single DeflectionGR-1.008/01/2006
GDL/GDS(-D)Supply, Double DeflectionGR-2.008/01/2006
GRL/GRS(-D)Return, 45° Fixed Blades, 3/4" (19) SpacingGR-3.008/01/2006
GR5L/GR5S(-D)Return, 45° Fixed Blades, 1/2" (13) SpacingGR-3.508/10/2009
GZL/GZS(-D)Return, 0° Fixed Blades, 3/4" (19) SpacingGR-3.008/01/2006
GRF(-D)Return, Fixed Blades, Narrow Regressed T-BarGR-4.008/01/2006
CBG(-D)Curved Blade, 1 & 2-WayGR-5.005/28/2008
CBG(-D) Curved Blade, 3 and 4-WayGR-6.005/28/2008
RGE(-D) Eggcrate Return, Type SGR-7.008/01/2006
RGE(-D)Eggcrate Return, Type LGR-8.008/01/2006
RGEF(-D) Eggcrate Return, Narrow Regressed T-BarGR-9.005/07/2007
GPR(-D/-DA)Return, Perforated FaceGR-9.108/01/2006
FGB45/FGBZ Filter Return, Fixed Louvered BladesGR-10.008/01/2006
FGPFilter Return, Perforated FaceGR-11.008/01/2006
FGESteel Filter Return, Eggcrate Grid Core GR-11.105/07/2007
Aluminum Grilles and Registers
Model(s) or SeriesDescriptionDrawing No.Drawing Date
AGSL/AGSS(-D) Supply, Single DeflectionGR-13.008/01/2006
AGDL/AGDS(-D) Supply, Double DeflectionGR-14.008/01/2006
AGRL/AGRS(-D)Return, 45° Fixed Blades, 3/4" (19) SpacingGR-15.008/10/2009
AGR5L/AGR5S(-D)Return, 45° Fixed Blades, 1/2" (13) SpacingGR-15.508/10/2009
AGZL/AGZS(-D)Return, 0° Fixed Blades, 3/4" (19) SpacingGR-15.008/10/2009
ACBG-(-D)Curved Blade, 3 and 4-Way GR-17.005/28/2008
ACBG(-D)Curved Blade, 2-WayGR-16.005/28/2008
ARGE(-D)Eggcrate Return, Type SGR-18.008/01/2006
ARGE(-D)Eggcrate Return, Types L, A and CGR-19.008/01/2006
AGPR(-D/-DA)Return, Perforated FaceGR-19.108/01/2006
AFGB45/AFGBZFilter Return, Fixed Louvered BladesGR-20.005/07/2007
AFGPFilter Return, Perforated FaceGR-21.008/01/2006
AFGEFilter Return, Eggcrate Grid CoreGR-22.005/07/2007
Curved Spiral Duct Grilles
Model(s) or SeriesDescriptionDrawing No.Drawing Date
CGSL/CGSSSupply, Single Deflection, Adjustable BladesGR-23.010/4/2011
CGDL/CGDS Supply, Double Deflection, Adjustable Blades GR-24.010/4/2011
CGPRReturn, Perforated Face GR-25.010/4/2011
CGRLReturn, Fixed Blades, 3/4" (19) Spacing GR-26.010/4/2011
Door/Transfer Grilles
Model(s) or SeriesDescriptionDrawing No.Drawing Date
GDGDSteel, Double Flange GR-27.008/01/2006
GDGD-FRSteel, Fire-RatedGR-28.005/28/2008
Grille and Register Accessories & Mounting Options
Model(s) or SeriesDescriptionDrawing No.Drawing Date
SOBDSteel OBD, Types SL and PL, Neck MountedGAC-1.008/16/2005
AOBDAluminum OBD, Types SL and PL, Neck MountedGAC-2.007/01/2003
907-FLCombination Fire and Volume Damper
(Available in Canada Only)
907-FLInstallation Instructions for 907-FL
(Available in Canada Only)
PFPlaster/Mounting Frame GAC-3.008/01/2003
PLS/FPST-Bar Mounting Panel, SteelGAC-4.008/01/2003
PLA/FPAT-Bar Mounting Panel, AluminumGAC-5.008/01/2003
Linear Bar Grilles and Registers
Model(s) or SeriesDescriptionDrawing No.Drawing Date
LBGStandard Duty, Fixed BarsLBG-1.010/02/2006
LBGHeavy Duty, Removable Core, Floor Model LBG-2.010/02/2006
LBGAccessories LBG-3.005/07/2007
Industrial Supply Applications
Model(s) or SeriesDescriptionDrawing No.Drawing Date
IAGS/IAGS(-D)Supply, Aluminum, Single Deflection 1 1/2" (38) SpacingGR-29.008/10/2009
IAGD/IAGD(-D)Supply, Aluminum, Double Deflection 1 1/2" (38) SpacingGR-29.008/10/2009
IAGGD(-D)Supply, Aluminum, Double Deflection, Ganged, 1 1/2" (38) SpacingGR-30.008/10/2009
IADL1(-D)Drum Louver, Aluminum, Adjustable VanesGR-31.008/10/2009
IADL2(-D)Drum Louver, Aluminum, Split Adjustable VanesGR-32.008/10/2009